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[Solved] How to Play iTunes DRM M4V Movies on BSPlayer Smoothly

"My computer is outdated, it constantly freezes or lags when playing videos especially the iTunes movies. I have tried multiple players like VLC player, MX player but without any luck. Is there a best player works smoothly on such an old device recommended? " - Asked by Ella Gonzalez.

As one of the best multimedia player, BSPlayer is designed to work with minimum memory and CPU resource required, so it is suitable for all the users who use low performance Windows computers, Android tablets and phones. Until now, it has been translated into more than 90 languages and attracts more than 70 million media users worldwide.

Regarding the question asked above, it is recommend to download the BSPlayer from the official website for free. Also, I will offer the detailed instruction about streaming iTunes movies on BSPlayer so that to solve any problem you may encounter when using it.


Part 1. Video Formats and Codec Supported by BSPlayer

When you install BSPlayer to your Windows computer or Android mobile devices, it will detect if all the video codec are installed or not. For the movie codec which are not installed, it will prompt you the option to search and download all the video codec online. Hence, technically you can play any formats of videos. On the BSPlayer Pro, you can even watch DVDs and get other extra video features. The most well-known video formats supported by the BSPlayer are as follows:

Codec: FFDShow, LAV Filters, Flash Video(FLV), MPEG2 Decoder, MPEG Audio Decoder, Haali Media Splitter, RealMedia Splitter, AC3 Filter.

Formats: AVI, ASF, MPG, WMV, MP4, WAV, MP3, WebM, AVCHD and much more.

However, if your source movies are copyright protected, BSPlayer will be powerless. For instance, when you use BSPlayer to play iTunes films, you will see it just trys to read your M4V files continually but ends up can't recognize the files all the time.

Part 2. Remove Copy Protection from iTunes Media Files

Giving the situation that iTunes M4V files are DRM protected, you may wonder how to get DRM protection off. For a novice, this could be a very complicated job. But as long as you get a well-designed copy protection removal tool, you will be able to do that like a pro. DRmare iTunes M4V Video Converter for Windows/Mac a special software which is for converting iTunes M4V videos only. It is more lightweight and faster compared to any other DRM cracker in the world. You can follow this full tutorial to remove DRM so that to play iTunes movies on BSPlayer.

DRmare DRM M4V to BSPlayer Converter

itunes to kodi converter
  • Turn DRM media files into to unprotected video or audio files
  • Run extremely faster with least memory and CPU consumption
  • Keep original high quality by using the 1:1 copy technology
  • Super easy to use, iTunes DRM will be removed within a few clicks
Step 1Import iTunes videos
add iTunes m4v movies
You can drag and drop the iTunes downloaded movies from the iTunes to the DRmare software or click 'Add Files' to locate and add the files. Please just make sure the iTunes purchased or rental videos are downloaded 100% and authorized to play on the current computer else the software may not work.
Step 2Customize output file
set output for bsplayer
Since BSPlayer supports all kinds of codec and video formats, it doesn't matter what output format you choose. But I'd suggest you to choose MP4(Lossless) since it can keep the original quality including the subtitles, audio tracks. Based on your requirements, you can also do some settings on the output video parameters such as the bit rate, frame rate, codec, channel etc.
Step 3Remove DRM copy protection
convert itunes video to bsplayer
Next, go ahead to click the 'Conversion' button at the bottom right side of the software to crack your iTunes videos. When it is done, the output video will be playable any devices including BSPlayer.

Part 3. Other Useful Features of BSPlayer

What makes BSPlayer a great player is not only for its low resource consumption advantage but also for a variety of useful features.

1. Streaming videos from media servers. You can stream converted iTunes videos on the player via WD TV or any other streaming devices.

2. Change playback speed. You can click 'Menu' > 'Playback' > 'Playback rate', then you will see the options to reduce or increase the playback speed of your videos.

3. Skinnable user interface. If you are tired of the appearance of your player, you can one click to select a new skin you like with ease.

4. Search subtitles. Sometimes if your videos doesn't come with a subtitle, you just need to click 'Menu' > 'Subtitles' > 'Check for subtitles online' to get the subtitles.

5. Playing DVDs and downloading YouTube videos. These advanced features are not available in free version, but you can upgrade to the pro version if you do really want them.

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