How to Play iTunes Movies on iPad Freely

With the popularity of iTunes store, one of the biggest digital online stores allowing users to download, play, organize digital media files, more and more people turn up to iTunes store for purchasing and renting movies and TV shows from overwhelming variety of digital files.

In order to make you enjoyable iTunes digital files more convenient and easier, Apple allows iTunes users to share purchased and rented movies at up to five devices with iTunes-linked Apple ID while connecting with the same Internet. Beyond all questions, Apple's iPad is great tablet for watching movies with a big screen and easy to carry, whether you're on the couch or wrapped up in bed.

If you are the newbie using iTunes store on iPad, you might have no idea about playing iTunes videos on iPad directly and streaming iTunes movies from computer to iPad. No worries! Here are different ways of copying iTunes purchases and rentals to your iPad for playback.

watch itunes movies on ipad

Part 1. How to Play iTunes Movies on iPad Directly

As a professional media player, iPad has been thinner and lighter over the years and gives viewers an extraordinary virtual experience. The biggest advantage is that iTunes store is available for iPad directly meaning iTunes addicts can use their favorable iPad to purchase, download, as well as play videos with ease.

Tablets, include iPad can't work alone without Internet connection. But fortunately, videos are allowed to download from iTunes stores directly on your iPad, even without connecting your tablet to your computer. Once downloaded, you can freely play iTunes purchased videos without any limitation. Following is the simple guide of buying and downloading movies from iTunes store on your iPad for playback.

Step 1. Double click to launch iTunes store application on your iPad.

Step 2. Choose the Movies section from the top menu bar in the iTunes store screen.

Step 3. In the new screen, there are various iTunes videos you can choose to rent and purchase.

Step 4. Once found out favorite video files, you can select Buy Movie or Rent Movie option to begin the iTunes movie download. You can enter into iTunes library to play downloaded films even offline.

Part 2. How to Watch iTunes Movies on iPad via Home Sharing

Alternatively, Home Sharing is also an easy solution to stream iTunes purchased and rented videos on iPad. Home sharing is also suitable for all iOS devices. No matter which Apple's mobile device you have, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or others, you can follow the basic steps to watch iTunes purchases and rentals as below.

home sharing on ipad

Step 1. Launch your iTunes on Mac or PC computer-> Go to File-> Home Sharing-> Turn on Home Sharing in iTunes firstly. A new window will show up a confirmation message of turning on Home Sharing function, please click the Done button simply.

Step 2. Enter into iTunes store app on your iPad-> Navigate to the Settings-> iTunes Videos. And now you can scroll down to the heading called Home Sharing.

Step 3. If required to sing in iTunes account, you need to enter the same Apple ID and password used on your computer using Home Sharing. Please make sure that your iPad and computer are under the same home network.

Step 4. Navigate to the Video app, and then you can tap the Shared option to choose shared iTunes library from the list of shared items and tap Done button again.

Step 5. Now, you can choose wanted movies from shared iTunes library to play on your iPad.

By the way, if you would like to use iTunes Home Sharing to stream iTunes purchases and rentals to other Apple devices, there is a useful tutorial for your reference: How to Share iTunes Movies via Home Sharing.

More Tips: Watch iTunes Purchases and Rentals on Any Non-Apple Device

First of all, we can't deny it's really convenient thing that Apple allows us to share iTunes purchased and rented movies and TV shows with up to five devices. But five devices can really meet our demands? Asides form that, we are limited to play iTunes video files on Apple ecosystem only due to FairPlay DRM technology. What if we would like to enjoy iTunes purchased videos legally on non-Apple devices, such as Android phones, Windows phones, and smart TV? With the purpose of breaking these limitations built-in iTunes digital content, we can use some third-party iTunes DRM removal tools, like DRmare M4V Converter, that can not only remove DRM protection from both iTunes purchases and rentals and convert iTunes DRM M4V to other common formats compatible with non-Apple devices and media players. Keep 100% original quality in converted iTunes DRM-free videos, DRmare M4V Converter allows us to play iTunes movies and TV shows on any device no limitation on number and platform.

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