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How to Transfer iTunes DRM Movies via Dropbox

Dropbox is an easy-to-use file hosting service offering cloud storage, file synchronization, personal cloud, and client software for you to share photos, videos, and files and sync any digital file among different devices.

Of course, Dropbox is also a recommended tool for backing up and streaming digital content, since this software is available for Windows operating system, macOS, Linux, Windows phones, Android phones and tablets, Apple phones and more, especially for iTunes addicts. As is well-known movies and TV shows purchased and rented from iTunes store are allowed to watch on Apple ecosystem only with iTunes-linked Apple ID.

But once you convert and sync iTunes movies and TV shows to Dropbox successfully, which means that you can watch iTunes videos on multiple devices shaking off platform limitation. Therefore, in the following article, I will show you how to convert iTunes library to Dropbox step by step with the powerful DRmare iTunes DRM M4V Converter.

upload itunes music video to dropbox

Part 1. Can iTunes DRM Videos Be Converted to Dropbox Directly?

With support so many different platforms and devices, Dropbox is capable of synchronizing digital files seamlessly between computers and mobile devices, meaning you can freely play your digital entertainment anywhere and share them with your loved ones as you like. But when it comes to converting iTunes purchases and rentals to Dropbox, it would be different from converting other common videos to Dropbox.

The main reason causing this difference is that iTunes videos, like movies, TV shows, music videos, and iTunes Extras are encrypted by FairPlay DRM technology and these iTunes DRM files can't be recognized by Dropbox directly. But no worries! Since more and more software developers are aware of customer demands, there are multiple professional iTunes DRM removal tools in the online market created and developed by them over the years.

Part 2. Best iTunes to Dropbox Converter to Sync iTunes Library to Dropbox Losslessly

Actually, when you tried some iTunes M4V converters, you could discover some of them can't work effectively as they advertised. In order to avoid you wasting too much time in testing these iTunes DRM removal software one by one, I have tested some high-end iTunes DRM crackers.

Here, I highly recommend DRmare M4V Converter, a powerful yet easy-to-use iTunes M4V DRM removal tool, which can remove DRM restrictions from both iTunes purchases and rentals and convert iTunes M4V to common audio and video formats, like MP4, MOV, AVI, MPEG, MP3, AAC, etc.

It's worth mentioning that DRmare software can work at 30X faster speed without touching original files. What's more, DRmare Studio provides users with trial version to test its performance before purchasing it. You can download and install DRmare M4V Converter on your computer and convert iTunes movies to Dropbox by removing DRM protection.

DRmare iTunes to Dropbox Converter

drm m4v converter
  • Bypass DRM from protected iTunes M4V music videos, movies, TV shows
  • Convert DRM iTunes videos from M4V to Dropbox compatible video formats
  • 100% losslessly keep original subtitles, AC3 5.1 audio tracks, etc.
  • Convert iTunes M4V videos at up to 30X faster speed
Step 1 Import iTunes downloaded videos to DRmare
load m4v music videos
Once you open this smart DRmare iTunes DRM removal tool, you might be required to authorize your computer to share iTunes library by singing in Apple ID and passwords. Once authorized iTunes completely, you can enter into the main interface of this software. And then you can import iTunes downloaded DRM videos to DRmare M4V Converter by clicking the "Add Files" button or via dragging&dropping action simply.
Step 2Define output settings for Dropbox
set output format
By clicking the "Format" option, it will pop up a new window, where you can see various audio and video formats, and you can choose the most suitable format for Dropbox as the output format. Also, you are allowed to customize output files by changing the bit rate, frame rate, video size, destination folder, etc.
Step 3Start to break DRM lock for Dropbox
convert itunes m4v video
When all settings are ready, you can press the conversion button at the bottom right of the main interface. The conversion time depends on how many video files you imported. Once converting process finished, you can get all DRM-free iTunes movies and TV shows on target folder directly.

Part 3. How to Transfer iTunes DRM-free Videos to Dropbox Directly

Congratulation! Your iTunes movies and TV shows are totally no limitation. You can sync them to Dropbox directly. Since you can navigate to Dropbox via web browser and Dropbox app, so, here, I will divide into two parts to introduce how to convert iTunes unprotected video files to Dropbox by the website version and Dropbox app for the mobile device.

Upload iTunes Videos to Dropbox via Web Browser

You can open the usual web browser to enter into Dropbox web page. If you are the newbie to use Dropbox, you will be required to create a new account with your Google email. If you have a Dropbox account, please login in it. Every Dropbox has a free 2GB space to backup iTunes videos. And then you can go to the personal space, in which there are two ways for you to upload iTunes movies and TV shows to Dropbox, respectively dragging and dropping files to the main interface of Dropbox or clicking the Upload Files option.

Upload iTunes Movies to Dropbox on Mobile Devices

In order to convert iTunes unprotected movies to Dropbox, you need to connect your computer and mobile device via USB cable or the same network. And then you can simply use copy&paste action to convert iTunes purchases and rentals to Dropbox. In fact, Dropbox is a cloud service. If you upload iTunes digital files to your Dropbox account on the computer, you just need to open Dropbox mobile application and login in the same Dropbox account and iTunes videos uploaded on your computer will show up on your mobile devices automatically.

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