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How to Upload DRM iTunes Videos to Flickr

Flickr is an all-around online image and video hosting website created in 2004. It has quickly become one of the most popular and coolest website for sharing photos and videos. People can use it for searching, uploading and sharing their favorite media files. Some bloggers can even save videos on Flickr for embedding into their personal blogs and sharing to other social media websites. The advantages to uploading videos to Flickr are that it offers up to 1TB free permanent space for free registered users and unlimited space for pro users, you can edit photo tags, titles and create albums, visitors can view can comments on your videos etc. Have you ever thought of uploading videos such as iTunes M4V videos to Flickr? If so, read this page on to find out the best solution.

upload iTunes video to flickr

Part 1. Tool You Need to Convert iTunes Videos to Flickr

Unlike other home videos or video clips, iTunes videos including movies and TV shows, Extras are all added with the FairPlay DRM theme, which is designed for preventing users from copying and sharing iTunes videos. As a result, the common error you may encounter when uploading an iTunes video online like Flickr is that the video file is not recognized or corrupted. Even if you can upload a video completely, they won't be played well because you are not possible to authorize them on the non-Apple devices or players. It is really frustrated for users who have purchased the videos in the interest of sharing iTunes videos with their friends. In my opinion, we should allow users to share their videos as long as they don't use it for commercial. So here I will recommend a great DRM removal tool DRmare iTunes to Flickr Converter. It supports to access the original iTunes M4V videos to break the DRM copy protection and extract the videos completely. It is well known for it high performance such as lossless and fast conversion.

DRmare iTunes to Flickr Video Converter

drmare m4v converter
  • Remove DRM from all kinds of iTunes movies including SD, HD 720P, 1080P videos
  • Convert iTunes movies and TV shows to multiple video formats, players, devices
  • Keep 100% original quality including all the subtitles, AC3 Dolby audio track, tab info
  • Run at a 30X faster speed, which is the fastest in the world by far

Part 2. Easiest Tutorial on Removing DRM from iTunes Movies

No matter if you are an experienced user or a new user, you can use the software within the first glance. To illustrate how does it work, I will list the 3 general steps to remove DRM from iTunes videos before uploading to Flickr.

Step 1Import iTunes videos
load m4v videos
First, you can click the "Add Movies' button at the bottom left corner, the software will pop up a window with a list of videos which are already downloaded on your iTunes library. Please use the cursor to choose the video files you want and click 'Add' button.
Step 2Customize the output videos (optional)
Define output format as Flickr
The output profile is set to 'M4V' by default, which is supported well by Flickr. So you may just keep the same M4V format and skip this step to go ahead to remove DRM from your iTunes movies. It is ok f you do want to change the output format to new ones such as MP4, AVI, MKV, MOV, MPG etc.
Step 3Convert the M4V videos for Flickr
convert m4v to Flickr
To convert iTunes M4V videos, you just need to click the 'Convert' button from the bottom right corner, DRmare iTunes to Flickr Video Converter will remove DRM from the source iTunes videos and export them to new videos losslessly. It will convert within minutes for a standard movie usually. If you import multiple videos at the same time, please wait for it complete patiently.

Part 3. Tips about Uploading iTunes Movies to Flickr

After converting the iTunes videos, there won't be any DRM limitation and you will get the Flickr compatible videos. You can go to Flickr website to upload the videos by yourself. Everyone are allowed to upload videos to Flickr as long as having an account. Please refer to the following steps:

1. Sign in to your account. If you don't have a Flickr account yet, please click 'Sign Up' menu and then fill in your personal info to create a new account, you will get 1TB free space.

2. Upload a video. You can click the 'Upload' icon, then you will see the page to add a video by choosing a video or drag & drop your videos directly.

3. Complete the settings. It supports to add description, tabs, people, create albums and groups etc.

4. Publish the video. After the video is uploaded and the settings is added, you will see and click 'Upload 1 Photo' to publish the video to Flickr.


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