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Best Spotify Ad Blockers to Block Ads on Spotify

The ad blocker for Spotify is used with the free service and the purpose is simple i.e. not to get any ads and enjoy nonstop music. There are about 1 million users that are on the platform for free and for all of them the ads are a constant nuisance. This is not the case when it comes to premium service. The company has always encouraged its customers to upgrade to the premium service so that the ads can be blocked automatically. The users however always find ways that are related to the adblocking and use services that foster the process.

There are about 2 million confirmed people that use various kinds of ad blockers on the platform. One of the major reasons for using the ad-blocking service is the fact that Spotify does not filter the ads. This article will let you know about the best Spotify ad blocking software programs.

1. DRmare Spotify Music Downloader

The premium subscription of Spotify comes at $9.99 per month. This is not a large sum of some users but for the others, it might be. DRmare Spotify Music Downloader could be the best and the most advanced solution that can be used to make sure that the ad-free music is downloaded with perfection and ease. There is no need for any additional program once this one has been used. This Spotify ad skipper has long been the first choice of the users.

DRmare Spotify Music Downloader

drmare spotify music converter
  • Download and decrypt all Spotify tracks, albums, artists, playlists, etc.
  • Batch convert lots of Spotify songs at a 5X faster speed smoothly
  • Convert Spotify music to FLAC, MP3, etc. while keeping original quality
  • Automatically search and keep full ID3 tag info, album cover, etc.

The process is simple and is outlined as under for better understanding:

  • Once the program has been installed you need to drag and drop the music links onto it. This will allow the program to capture all the songs that are available online. You can also copy and paste the links on the top of the program and then click the “+” sign to import the music.
  • Set the output parameters which mean that you check the format, channel, sample rate, and bit rate to be precise.
  • Once done just click convert and you are done. All the songs will be downloaded ad-free and you can also listen to them offline.

2. EZ Blocker

Spotify ezblocker is a program that does not need any introduction. The reason is that there are tons to users that are using this program to block ads on Spotify. This Spotify ad remover is one of the best and the most used programs that can be used to get the work done with perfection. As the most reliable software, there are no sounds affected once the ad is blocked.

There are no features in the program that can be regarded as additional. The best part is that the program is effective and allows the users to get the results. The program is to be dragged into any folder to continue with the adblocking.

spotify ezblocker

3. Blockify

This Spotify ad blocker for Windows OS is not just limited to one platform. The fact of the matter is that it can be used on any platform whatsoever. The reason is that it is a simple installation that is compatible with all the browsers that are on the market. The use and the installation are simple and allow the users to overcome the ads on Spotify with ease.

Some people are of the view that the program allows skipping the ads but this is not the case. By using this program, you can only block the ads on Spotify easily. This Spotify ad blocker for Mac is one of its kind and allows the users to overcome the nuisance of ads.

blockify spotify ad blocker windows

4. SpotMute - Mute ads

This Spotify ad blocker for Android has it all. It also allows the users to block ads on the entire web without a problem. The extension is available on the Play Store in the form of an application and can be downloaded. It is also compatible with iOS and that version can also be downloaded for iPhones. This application is easy to use and install.

There is a separate section that has been dedicated to Spotify. Once you toggle the button on you are good to go. All the ads are blocked and there is no need for any extra step to be performed.

spotmute spotify ad blocker android

5. AdBlock

AdBlock can be used to block all Spotify ads on iOS devices. The application can easily be found on the App Store. It is the oldest ad blocker service that is on the internet. The overall usage is simple and for the last 8 years, this app has been helping people to get the best and the most advanced outcome when it comes to adblocking.

The application is easy to use and the best thing is that it comes with a hoard of features. It also allows the users to perform several other ads blocking related functionalities. With this application, you not only block the ads but also secure your Spotify account.

adblock to block spotify ads


From the use to the overall advantages that Spotify adblocker programs offer has been explained so that the users become aware of the programs in question.

Downloading apps and installing software programs for ad blocking is good but at the same time, it is a hassle. To make matters simple, DRmare Spotify Music Downloader is a good option that can easily be used to ensure that the work is done perfectly. The process is simple and the program is known for the functionality that is present.

Downloading ad-free music has never been as easy as it is with this program. DRmare Spotify Music Downloader is a name of trust and quality as it lets you get the music that is free of any ads whatsoever. With this program, you maximize your overall music listening experience.

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