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  • Run at a faster speed without touching the audio quality

Top 9 Best Spotify to MP3 Converter [2021 Updated]

Spotify is a popular music service in the market. It allows users to enjoy Spotify music tracks online. For Spotify premium users, you can download Spotify songs for offline listening. Yet, the downloaded Spotify songs are cache files. And they are in Ogg Vorbis audio format. That is to say, you can't use Spotify songs on other platforms and devices. Then you may want to convert Spotify to MP3 audio format. We know that MP3 is widely-used.

In fact, there are many Spotify converter that can help you get Spotify songs to MP3. But which is the best? In this post, we will list top 9 best Spotify to MP3 converter for you. You can learn more details of them here. Then you can choose the best Spotify converter as you want.

spotify to mp3 converter

Top 1. DRmare Spotify Music Converter

For the best Spotify MP3 converter, DRmare Spotify Music Converter is not a unique one. Actually, there are lots of similar software from different manufacturers like Sidify. But DRmare's innovation and the routine update make it the best Spotify to MP3 converter.

This software not only has the most concise UI but also the highest performance. It supports downloading all kinds of Spotify content offline at a faster speed. It can not only convert Spotify to MP3 but also M4A, AAC, etc. in batch. Because of its effectiveness, it can save you a great amount of time.

DRmare Music Converter uses the most advanced downloading technology to convert Spotify songs. So, it is an excellent and the best Spotify to MP3 converter PC and Mac computer.

With it, you can listen to Spotify tracks on any device offline. By the way, no need to worry about the output quality. DRmare program will keep the lossless audio quality of Spotify songs for you. The ID3 tags, Meta Data such as the year, album cover, etc. will be kept also.

drmare spotify to mp3 converter

Price: $14.95/Monthly

Supported platform: Windows & Mac

Tutorial on How to Use DRmare Spotify to MP3 Converter to Convert Spotify to MP3:

Step 1. Get the DRmare Spotify Music Converter downloaded and installed on your computer.

Step 2. Open DRmare program. And the Spotify app showed as well.

Step 3. Go to Spotify software to find the tracks for converting. You can drag them to DRmare directly. Or copy and put the link of the track to DRmare's search bar at the top. Then hit the plus icon.

Step 4. Click menu icon at the top right and then choose the 'Preferences'. In the new window, touch 'Convert' and you can set Spotify output audio parameters.

Step 5. Hit big 'Convert' button to start to convert Spotify as MP3 files.

Step 6. Click 'Converted' icon to find the downloaded Spotify to MP3 songs on your PC. Then you can listen to Spotify songs on multiple devices offline you like.


* Clean and brand new design, making it easiest ever to use
* Work at 5X faster speed, batch convert Spotify songs effectively
* Support to output Spotify songs as MP3, FLAC, AAC and so on
* Retain the ID3 tag info, 100% original and lossless quality
* Support to play Spotify music on any device offline


* The paid version is not free, its cost starts from $14.95
* Can only download Spotify contents

Top 2. Aimersoft iMusic Spotify MP3 Converter

Aimersoft iMusic is another best Spotify to MP3 converter for Mac and Windows. But it well-known as an all-in-one music downloader and manager. It has its own media library, you can discover and download the music you like. Besides, it supports almost any streaming sites, such as Spotify, YouTube and more.

It's easy to use this best Spotify MP3 software to download Spotify songs to MP3. You can copy and paste the link of the Spotify songs. Then one click to download Spotify music as MP3. With the built-in ID3 system, the music quality will be kept well. You can find all the metadata such as artist, and more in converted Spotify MP3 tracks.

It can transfer the converted audio files to the destination device within 1 click. It is convenient to play Spotify music on iPod Nano, Shuffle, and other portable devices.

aimersoft imusic spotify to mp3 converter

Price: $39.95/1 year

Supported platform: Windows & Mac

Steps to Use Aimersoft iMusic Best Spotify Converter to MP3:

Step 1. Go to Aimersoft iMusic website page to download the program to your computer.

Step 2. Open iMusic Spotify Converter and hit 'Get Music' button at the top bar.

Step 3. Choose 'Discover', 'Download' or 'Record' option you like. Then follow the instructions to get music from Spotify.

Step 4. Once downloaded, you can go to the 'Library' to find the Spotify songs. Then you can move them to other devices for playing.


* Built-in digital media library, discover and listen to music within 1 click
* Download files from thousands of streaming audio websites
* Transfer the converted songs to both iOS and Android devices


* The output quality is not 100% lossless
* It is not as efficient as other best Spotify to MP3 converter
* It costs $39.95 for a single license which is rather expensive

Top 3. DRmare Audio Capture - Spotify MP3 Converter on PC and Mac

DRmare Audio Capture is specialized in recording audio files streaming on your computer. It offers a totally legal way to capture music from all kinds of audio streaming sites. It includes Spotify, Pandora, BBC radio,, and so on.

It has smart audio recording and converting features. You can use it as the best Spotify to MP3 converter and recorder. To record music from Spotify to MP3, you can define the output format as MP3. Then start playing Spotify songs. The DRmare Audio Capture will automatically detect the sound waves. And all playing Spotify music will be recorded and converted as MP3 files. Then you can locate them on the local computer.

It also allows you to edit/trim/cut the songs to delete unwanted parts. With the built-in ID3 tags editor, it's easy to customize ID3 tags of Spotify files. There are a few other apps that can act as great as this one.

drmare spotify to mp3 converter and recorder

Price: $29.95/Lifetime

Supported platform: Windows & Mac

Guides on How to Convert Spotify to MP3 by DRmare Audio Capture:

Step 1. Install the DRmare Audio Capture on your Windows or Mac computer.

Step 2. Launch the DRmare program. In the main window, there are some app's icons. Check whether Spotify is in it or not. It not, then hit the plus button to add Spotify to it.

Step 3. Touch on the 'audio' icon at the bottom right. Then you can set Spotify as MP3 and other audio formats as you like.

Step 4. Click 'OK' and back to the main window of DRmare. Then touch on the Spotify icon.

Step 5. Find and play Spotify songs you like. And DRmare will start to record the playing songs.

Step 6. Click 'Save' once done. Or you can hit 'edit' icon at each song to trim them.

Step 7. Hit the 'Converted' button to find the Spotify tracks on your computer.


* Totally legal way to record songs from Spotify and other music streaming services
* Save full ID3 tags and original sound quality
* Powerful editing and cutting feature after recording
* Batch record and convert audio tracks


* It works at 1X speed when recording and converting Spotify to MP3

Top 4. Deezify Spotify to MP3 Converter Free

Deezify was the best free Spotify to MP3 converter extension for Chrome browser. It used to work on Mac & Windows & Linux computers with Chrome once you install this plugin. It was a nice Spotify music converter Linux before.

But now, it turns to be a Spotify to MP3 converter Android. You can get this Spotify to MP3 converter app in Google Play Store. And you can use it to convert Spotify playlist to MP3 on Android device directly. But it is not as powerful as the DRmare Spotify Music Converter.

deezify best free spotify to mp3 converter android

Price: Free

Supported platform: Android


* It's free
* Download Spotify songs fast


* It is still in development and not stable
* Output audio quality is not lossless

Top 5. Fildo - Best Spotify to MP3 Converter Android

Fildo is another Spotify to MP3 converter app for Android. You can use it to download Spotify MP3 high quality songs on your mobile phone. Also, it can get music from different sources at one place.

fildo spotify to mp3 converter android free

Price: Free

Supported platform: Android

How to Use Fildo Spotify to MP3 Converter on Android

Step 1. Go to Fildo offlicial website to get and download Fildo apk.

Step 2. Launch Fildo on your Android phone once installed.

Step 3. Click on 'More' at the bottom. Then choose 'IMPORT SPOTIFY'.

Step 4. Sign in with your Spotify account. Then Fildo will access to Spotify playlist from the library.

Step 5. When the Spotify playlist added, hit on the three-dots next to the track. Then you can start to download Spotify to MP3 on Android devices.


* Free
* Easy to operate
* No need to install the Spotify app
* Support any Spotify contents
* Download Spotify audios to MP3 in high quality
* Keep ID3 tags and metadata


* Not available on Google App Store
* Can't work on iOS devices
* Only output MP3 audio files
* Can't convert in batch

Top 6. Spotifydl - Best Spotify to MP3 Converter for iOS

How to convert Spotify songs to MP3 on iOS devices? You may want to know the answer. Here we will show the Spotify to MP3 converter for iOS devices for you. Spotifydl is the best Spotify converter for iOS users. It is a shortcut. You can directly use it to convert Spotify music to MP3 on your iOS devices.

spotifydl best spotify to mp3 converter on ios

Supported platform: iOS

How to Use Spotifydl Spotify Converter on iOS:

Step 1. Install the Spotifydl on your iPhone.

Step 2. Get the link of Spotify playlist. Then choose the song you want to convert and tap 'OK'.

Step 3. Head to 'Files' > 'iCloud Drive' > 'Shortcuts' > ''. Then you can find the converted Spotify music.


* Easy to use


* Can't convert the whole playlists
* can't preserve ID3 tags and metadata
* Not stable enough
* Requires a Spotify app to work

Top 7. - Best Free Spotify Converter Online is a free and online audio playlist converter. You can convert audio files between couples of music services and file formats. Spotify is one of them. That's to say, it's not only a free but also an online Spotify converter.

It helps perfectly if you want to share your Spotify playlist with your friends. But the drawback is that it does not yet have an MP3 export option.

The reason why I still put it here is that it does provide a wonderful way to share Spotify files. You can't find an alternative tool elsewhere. Anyway, it also is a free best Spotify music converter.

But, if you want to get the perfect Spotify to MP3 converter online, you can visit this page: Best Free Spotify to MP3 Converter Online.

playlist converter best spotify converter free online

Price: Free

Supported platform: Windows & Mac

How to Use Playlist-converter Free and Best Spotify Music Converter:

Step 1. Go to the and choose Spotify option.

Step 2. Log into your Spotify account. Then select a playlist you created on Spotify.

Step 3. Hit the 'Download' button once finished to convert your Spotify playlist.

Note: Currently this free online tool is not available. But, you can follow its social account and see when it will update and open.


* No need to install any software
* Offer an easy and cool way to share Spotify songs with friends


* Doesn't support to convert Spotify to MP3 yet
* It takes a relatively long time to convert songs

Top 8. Audials Music 2021 - Best Spotify to MP3 Converter for Windows

Audials Music 2021 is an all-in-one audio recorder program. It can record audios and convert audio formats with ease. It also serves as a music player that can manage music.

With Audials Music 2021 best Spotify to MP3 converter, you can record and convert Spotify to MP3. And you can record audios from other websites like Amazon Music, YouTube, Apple Music, etc.

audials music 2021 spotify to mp3 converter

Price: $39.9/Lifetime

Supported platform: Windows

How Does Audials Music 2021 Spotify to MP3 Converter Work:

Step 1. Open the Audials Music 2021 program.

Step 2. Hit the Save Music in streaming column. Then add the downloaded Spotify audios to the main screen.

Step 3. Touch 'Save' button at the bottom and it will start to record the songs.

Step 4. Once recorded, you can go to 'Converter' panel to convert recorded Spotify songs to MP3.


* Capture and convert Spotify music to MP3
* Support other types of audios, like DRM-ed audio files


* Quite difficult to use
* Only support Windows OS
* Output lossy quality
* Requires a free account

Top 9. Audacity - Best Free Spotify to MP3 Converter

If you use Linux, you can use this Spotify to MP3 converter to convert Spotify free. This tool is Audacity. It is the best Spotify to MP3 converter free on Linux, Windows and Mac. It can not only record Spotify music. It also can record any sound from microphone.

audacity spotify converter to mp3 free

Price: Free

Supported platform: Windows, Mac & Linux

How to Use Audacity Free Spotify to MP3 Converter:

Step 1. Launch Audacity program on your PC.

Step 2. Touch on the 'Edit' icon to go to the 'Preferences' page.

Step 3. Select 'Device' > 'Host' > 'Windows WASAPI'.

Step 4. Choose the 'Recording' tab and uncheck the 'Software playthrough of input' option.

Step 5. Hit the 'Record' icon and begin to play Spotify songs you like.

Step 6. Press on 'Stop' icon to finish the recording process.

Step 7. Click on the 'File' > 'Export' > 'Export as MP3', the hit 'Save'.


* Convert Spotify music to MP3 free
* Support to edit audio files
* Record sounds from microphone


* Output lossy audio quality
* Need plugin to export recording audios to MP3
* Quite difficult to use for new users
* Can't download albums and playlists

Verdict: Which Is the Best Spotify to MP3 Converter?

Before choosing the Spotify to MP3 converter, we need to know how to choose it. In fact, you can evalate them from sound quality, audio format, conversion speed and costs. Below you can check the details.

* Output Audio Quality

For the output audio quality, DRmare Spotify Music Converter would be better. It can keep lossless audio quality of Spotify songs. And you can adjust the output audio parameters as you want.

* Output Audio Format

Except for, other tools above can be a Spotify to MP3 converter. They can help you output Spotify songs as MP3. Moreover, some tools can support multiple audio formats. If you want more audio formats, you can choose from DRmare Spotify Music Converter and DRmare Audio Capture.

* Conversion Speed

The conversion speed of tools is also important. It will save lots of your time if the tool works fast. The DRmare Spotify Music Converter and Audials Music 2021 is a nice choice for you.

* Costs

The last aspect is the price of the tool. If you can't afford the fee, you can choose the free tools like Audacity above. Or, if you don't care, you can try the freemium tools.

Now you can choose from the top 9 Spotify to MP3 converter above. They are paid Spotify music converter, Spotify converter free, and online tools. With them, you can burn Spotify music to a CD and use Spotify music offline.

But, which is the best Spotify to MP3 converter? According to the 4 factors, DRmare Spotify Music Converter is the throne winner of this top list. It features lossless quality and converting efficiency. Other products on the list have more or fewer disadvantages. But they do offer extra wonderful features like recording audios from Spotify. If you are OK for the audio quality and converting speed, it is not a bad idea to try the other tools.

By the way, if you have other Spotify to MP3 converter to share, please feel free to write it down at the comment part.

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