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It's well-known that it requires a fast network speed to play Tidal music online since the types of Tidal tracks are high-quality music, HiFi music as well as MQA songs. As a consequence, the best way to listen to Tidal music is 'Offline Mode'.

Yes, Tidal provides an 'Offline Mode' for its Premium and HiFi subscribers to download music from Tidal. But it comes with lots of limitations, including you can only play offline Tidal tracks on selected devices, you can't take music away from the Tidal app, etc.

So, is there a professional Tidal downloader to help us get local Tidal streams so that we can enjoy Tidal music anywhere without a problem? The positive answer could be DRmare Tidal Music Downloader, a legal yet powerful Tidal music downloader.

Let's see what are the features of this Tidal song downloading tool and how it works in this article.

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Part 1. Best Tidal Downloader - DRmare Tidal Music Downloader

Speaking of Tidal song downloader, most of us will think of traditional streaming music recorders, which can record music from not only Tidal but also all kinds of other streaming services, since there is no music downloader specialized in downloading Tidal streams.

Thing changes with the release of DRmare Tidal Music Downloader, an all-in-one Tidal downloader and Tidal converter. It is well-designed for both Tidal HiFi and Premium users to download all tracks, albums and playlists from Tidal offline and convert Tidal to MP3 and other plain audio formats.

By adopting innovating technology, it takes only 1 minute to download a 5-minute Tidal song without touching the high quality. It's very easy to operate. You just need to add the Tidal link and click the 'Convert' button to download tracks.

Key Features of DRmare Tidal Music Downloader

Part 2. How DRmare Tidal Music Downloader Work

The following tutorial focuses on how to use DRmare Tidal Music Downloader to download and convert Tidal music to common audio files on Windows step by step. The user guide of Tidal Music Converter for Mac is the same as that of the Windows version. To begin with, please make sure you have installed DRmare Tidal Music Downloader and the Tidal desktop app on your PC.

Step 1Add Tidal music and playlists to DRmare
add tidal songs for downloading
When you open DRmare Tidal Music Downloader, you will see that the Tidal app will be launched at the same time. To add Tidal songs, just find the Tidal music or playlists that you'd like to download, navigate the overview page of this item and then click the 'Share' > 'Copy Tidal Track' to copy the Tidal link. After that, you can get back to DRmare's user interface, paste the Tidal URL to the search box at the top and press the '+' button to load them.
Step 2Customize Tidal output settings for downloading
tidal settings for downloading
You can open the setting window by clicking the top-right menu bar to choose 'Preferences' > 'Convert' option. And then you can customize output format, conversion speed, output audio quality, and archive output tracks by artist or album as you like. When all settings are ready, please hit on the 'OK' to confirm them.
Step 3Start to download music from Tidal
start tidal downloader
Now, you are back to the main interface, where you can see the added music list, the music duration of each song and the output format you set before. If you don't want to download some added songs, you can click the 'Delete' button to remove them directly. Now, just touch the 'Convert' button to start downloading Tidal music to plain formats with lossless quality kept.
Step 4Locate downloaded Tidal music
locate tidal downloads
The conversion time depends on how many Tidal playlists you have imported. Generally speaking, it runs at 5X speed. After conversion, there are two ways to find Tidal music downloads. One is to click the 'converted history' > 'search' icon and the other is to click the 'file' icon directly to navigate to the destination folder stored Tidal songs on your computer.
Video GuideHow Tidal Downloader Works

Part 3. Final Word

As we described above, the Tidal app is an official Tidal HiFi downloader to download Tidal music for offline listening. If you just need to play Tidal music offline on authorized devices that can install the Tidal app, without a doubt, you can pay for a plus subscription to achieve your goal.

But if you'd like to enjoy Tidal music offline on any device, such as portable MP3 players, the only way is to utilize DRmare Tidal Downloader to librate your Tidal playlists once and for all.

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