Best 5 Tidal Downloader: Which One to Choose

For Tidal users, you may have ever downloaded Tidal music for offline listening. To download Tidal music, you may know TiDown Tidal downloader. It allows users to download Tidal music with ease. However, it is not available any more. Besides, Tidal users can directly download music from Tidal for offline playback. But you can't use the downloaded Tidal music files on every device. Thus, now lots of Tidal users want to find a Tidal song downloader to fix this issue.

Today, we list top 5 Tidal downloader in this post. They include the tools for Windows, Mac, online and free. But which is the best Tidal music downloader? Please read on the post and find the suitable one for you.

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Part 1. Best Tidal Downloader for Mac and Windows - DRmare Tidal Music Downloader

For the best Tidal downloader, here let's meet the DRmare Tidal Music Converter. It is an all-in-one Tidal music downloader and Tidal converter. It is well-designed for Tidal users to download all Tidal tracks offline. And it can convert Tidal to MP3, Lossless and other plain audio formats. You can reset the bit rate, audio channel, etc. for Tidal music download.

With innovative technology, it converts fast without touching original quality. So, it is regarded as Tidal HiFi downloader. What's more, it's very easy to operate. You just need to choose a Tidal playlist you like. And then click the 'Convert' button to download tracks.

Besides, DRmare is a Tidal Downloader Mac/Windows tool. So, you can get it and use it on your Windows or Mac computer. Just choose the right version to try it.

Key Features of DRmare Tidal Media Downloader

  • Best Tidal song downloader to download Tidal music on computer in high quality.
  • Set output format as Lossless, MP3, FLAC, WAV, AAC, M4A, etc.
  • Support 5X batch conversion speed to download Tidal songs.
  • Keep 100% original ID3 tags and all metadata.
  • Play Tidal music on any device and player without Tidal app.
  • Manage Tidal music library or customize the output quality.

How DRmare Tidal Downloader Work

The following tutorial shows how to use DRmare Tidal Music Downloader. Here we will take the Windows version as an example. The user guide for Mac version is the same as that of the Windows version.

To begin with, please install DRmare Tidal Music Converter on your computer. You can hit on the 'Download' button as below to install the program.

Step 1Open DRmare Tidal Media Downloader
set up drmare tidal music converter
When you open DRmare Tidal Music Downloader, you will see its main window. Please click on the 'Log in' to login with your Tidal account. If you don't have one, then please hit 'Sign up' to request a new account. Then you can use DRmare program.
Step 2Customize Tidal output settings for downloading
tidal music settings for downloading
You can open the setting window by clicking the top-right menu bar. Then choose 'Preferences' > 'Advanced' option. And then you can customize output format and output audio quality. And then archive output tracks by artist or album as you like. When all settings are ready, please hit on the 'OK' to confirm them.
Step 3Add Tidal playlists to DRmare Tidal Downloader
add tidal songs for downloading to drmare tidal music downloader
To add Tidal playlist, just find the Tidal playlists that you'd like to download. Then navigate the overview page of this item. And click the blue 'add files' button. After that, you can get the whole Tidal playlist loaded into DRmare. You can convert the whole playlist or just some tracks you like. Then touch on the 'Convert' button.
Step 4Start to download music from Tidal
start to download tidal music by drmare tidal downloader
Now, you are in the conversion window. You can see the Tidal music are downloading and converting at a fast rate. At this time, you can back to Tidal to find more playlists for converting. Just hit 'Music Library' icon at the top on DRmare Tidal Music Downloader. Then you can add Tidal playlists to convert.
Step 5Locate downloaded Tidal music
locate tidal downloads on computer
The conversion time depends on how many Tidal playlists you have imported. Generally speaking, it runs at 5X speed. After conversion, you can click the 'converted history' > 'search' icon. It will navigate you to the destination folder stored Tidal songs on your computer.

Part 2. Alternative Tidal Downloader - DRmare Audio Recorder

DRmare Audio Recorder is an alternative Tidal music downloader. It is an audio recording tool that can capture any playing sounds on computer. It can rip Tidal music and download Tidal music to plain audio files. And it can batch capture tracks at the same time. This will save much of your time.

Besides, you can set the output audio format as MP3, AAC and more for Tidal music. And it can keep full ID3 tags of Tidal songs. So, you can easily manage the Tidal music tracks later.

After recording, you can edit the Tidal tracks like trimming and so on. Then you can save Tidal downloaded audio files to your computer for using.

drmare audio capture the alternative tidal downloader

How to Use DRmare Tidal Recorder

Step 1. Get and open DRmare Audio Capture.

Step 2. Hit '+' to add 'Tidal' to DRmare. If it had listed, you can skip this step.

Step 3. Click 'audio' to set audio format for Tidal music.

Step 4. Touch 'Tidal' icon to search and play Tidal songs.

Step 5. Press 'edit' icon to trim the Tidal audio tracks. Then hit 'Save' to store the files onto your computer.

Step 6. Move to the 'converted' button to find all the downloaded Tidal music files.

Part 3. Free Tidal Downloader - Athame Tidal Downloader

In this part, we will introduce a free Tidal song downloader. It is Athame Tidal Downloader. It is an open-source music downloader for streaming music. It can not only work for Tidal, but also work with Google Play Music.

Currently, Athame Tidal downloader free tool is available on Windows. And it can only convert music files into FLAC audio format. Moreover, you can't modify the output audio quality. But if you want a free way, it is worth having a try.

athame tidal downloader free

How Athame Tidal Downloader Work

Step 1. Download and open Athame Tidal music downloader.

Step 2. Hit on the 'Menu' button to enter to the 'Settings'.

Step 3. Select Tidal to log in to your Tidal music account.

Step 4. Get a Tidal URL copied. Then put it on the textbox in Athame.

Step 5. Touch on the 'Add' button to load the tracks.

Step 6. Press on the 'Start' button to begin to download Tidal music free.

Part 4. Tidal Downloader Online - Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder

If you want to find an online Tidal downloader to download music from Tidal, then you could try this way.

Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder is a Tidal music downloader online for you. You can use it to record Tidal music to plain audios for playing offline. It doesn't need to install an extra program on your computer. To use it, you just need to install a small Launcher. And then you can record any audio from your computer even Microphone.

apowersoft tidal online downloader

How to Use Apowersoft Tidal Downloader Online

Step 1. Go to Apowersoft official website on your computer.

Step 2. Hit on the 'Start Recording' button. Then you will be asked to install the launcher.

Step 3. Once finished installing, then touch on the 'Start Recording' button again. And then choose the audio source.

Step 4. Find and play Tidal songs. You can control the recording process via the 'Start', 'Pause' and 'Stop' button.

Step 5. When completed the recording, then click on the 'Show in Folder' option. It will help locate Tidal audio files on your computer.

Note: As a free online Tidal downloader, it can't keep original Tidal quality after recording.

Part 5. Other Tidal Music Downloader

Here let's meet one more Tidal song downloader. It is iMusic from Aimersoft. It is not only a music downloader, but also a music manager. The Aimersoft iMusic tool can download songs from Tidal. Besides that, it can get music from other 3,000 music sites.

The Aimersoft iMusic Tidal downloader can be used as an audio recorder also. You can record and download Tidal songs with this tool. And it allows you to move audio files between devices and iTunes easily.

aimersoft imusic tidal downloader

How Aimersoft iMusic Tidal Music Downloader Work

Step 1. Install and open Aimersoft iMusic Tidal downloader.

Step 2. Hit on the 'Get Music' button at the top of the program. Then select 'Download' icon to enter to the download mode.

Step 3. Copy the URL of your favorite Tidal tracks. Then paste it onto the search box. And then set output format as MP3.

Step 4. Touch on the 'Download' button to download Tidal audios.

Step 5. Click on the 'LIBRARY' to locate all the downloaded Tidal tracks on your computer.

Part 6. Comparison Table of Top 5 Best Tidal Downloader

Here you can check the differences between top 5 Tidal song downloader clearly.

  DRmare Tidal Music Downloader DRmare Audio Capture Athame Tidal Downloader Apowersoft Online Audio Recorder Aimersoft iMusic
Operating System Windows/Mac Windows/Mac Windows Online Windows/Mac
Supported Input Format

Tidal songs, playlists and albums

All playing sounds on computer

Tidal and Google Play Music

Any sound

3,000 music sites

Supported Output Format

MP3, AAC, FLAC, WAV, M4B, M4A, Lossless





Support to Modify Audio Quality






Cut Function No Yes No No No
Conversion Speed






Price $49.95 $29.95 Free Free $59.95

Part 7. Final Word

In generally, using Tidal offline mode is the best way to listen to Tidal music. But, from above, you had learned top 5 best Tidal downloader to help you. So, which is better?

If you like to enjoy Tidal music offline with high quality, the only way is to use DRmare Tidal Music Downloader. It can liberate your Tidal playlists once and for all with lossless quality.

But for simply getting Tidal music, you can choose from another 4 Tidal downloader. They are the online, free and recording ways. But they won't output lossless quality of Tidal music. If you don't mind it, you can give them a try also.