[Update] Audible Finally Returns to Sonos Speaker

There is a popular discussion in the Sonos community for two-year hiatus that when the integration of Amazon Audible service is available on Sonos speakers? Two weeks ago, Sonos accidentally announced that Audible was back on Sonos as a false alarm in a blog post. But now, Audible finally is rolling out on Sonos speakers via the Sonos and Audible audiobook apps, meaning that Sonos users is able to easily listen to and play Audible audibooks on Sonos.

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Part 1. Everything We Know about Sonos and Audible

As a long-time user of Sonos speakers, anyone must have a deep memory that Audible streaming service can be supported by Sonos devices directly. However, in 2015, with an update of Sonos, there is an incompatibility between Audible and Sonos integration. The Audible service has been removed from Sonos apparently for technical reasons. Audible is the largest world's producer and seller of downloadable audiobooks and Sonos is the ultimate home sound system for enjoying music world. Obviously, it’s a big pity that they just stopped working together.

Part 2. Update: The Return of Sonos Audible Support

"With Audible, you can easily make books an everyday source of enjoyment for yourself and the whole family", notes Sonos in a press release. "Become a master multitasker and listen to audiobooks while you cook, do laundry, take a bath or work out."

It's too excited to announce that Audible support finally is back on Sonos speakers. Sonos users can utilize Sonos speaker to play audiobooks from "the world's largest selections of audiobooks" at home without carrying a mobile device or wearing headphones. Currently, Audible is available on Sonos in the following countries: US, UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Australia, New Zealand as well as Canada.

For the purpose of celebrating the return of Audible support on Sonos and getting more people to sign up this service, Audible gives away the free audiobook: Miles Davis' autobiography. What's more, the big deal is that once signed up to Audible using Sonos app successfully, there are two free credits and a 30-day trial you can get. That’s to say, you will receive extra free credits than usual, equating to two free audiobooks and a free copy of Miles Davis' autobiography. Apart from Sonos Audible support, Alexa voice support is going to come soon.

More Tips: How to Play Audible audiobooks on Sonos

In order to enjoy Audible audiobook files on multi-audio home system, Sonos, there are two official ways, respectively via Audible app and Sonos controller. You can use Audible app to control Sonos by clicking the "Connect to a device". Also, you can download Sonos app to play Audible audio files, which is compatible with iOS, Android devices, Mac and PC computer. You can refer to the detailed tutorial to enjoy Audible audiobooks on Sonos as below.

Play Audible Books on Sonos via Audible App

Step 1. Open the Audible app on your device.

Step 2. Choose and download favorite an audiobook that you'd like to stream.

Step 3. Touch "Connect to a device" menu and choose Sonos speaker you are using.

Step 4. Start to play Audible audiobook files and they will be playable on Sonos automatically.

Play Audible Audibooks on Sonos via Sonos App

Step 1. Download and install Sonos app on your device.

Step 2. Open it to Choose Add Music Service from Sonos music menu and tap Audible from the list.

Step 3. Sing in Audible account and password that you used to purchase Audible books.

Step 4. Choose one Audible book to enjoy.

For more useful approaches of enjoying Audible audiobooks on Sonos home sound system through Line-In Connection or DRmare Audible Audiobook Converter, a professional Audible DRM removal tool, there is a complete tutorial for your reference: How to Play Audible Files on Sonos.

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