Way on How to Use Rekordbox to Play Apple Music

Have you ever tried to import Apple Music to Rekordbox? If so, you must find that it doesn't work and you must want to find a way to solve this issue. For most DJ lovers, this may be an annoying thing. So, is there any solution to figure it out?

Please take it easy. In order to help you out, in this post, we are going to tell you the way on how to use Rekordbox to play Apple Music. Just take several minutes to read on the post and learn how to do it.

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Part 1. The Best Solution on How to Use Rekordbox to Mix Apple Music

As we all known, Apple Music files are under the protection of DRM and they can't be imported to any devices or platforms, so that's why you can't use Rekordbox to play Apple Music songs successfully. If you want to make it, you need to remove DRM from Apple Music first.

Here, we would like to recommend an Audio Converter for Windows designed by DRmare team to you. This DRM ripper for Apple Music can get rid of DRM from Apple Music files for you, and then convert them to common audio formats, like MP3, AAC, FLAC and other audio formats. You can just choose one of the formats for your songs as you want. And you can customize for your Apple Music, such as changing the bit rate, sample rate and other parameters. At last, the Apple Music will be converted to the plain format and then you can import Apple Music to Rekordbox for playing and mixing.

DRmare Apple Music Converter for Rekordbox

drmare drm audio converter for rekordbox
  • Rip DRM protection from Apple Music songs
  • Batch convert Apple Music files to plain audio formats
  • Preserve original audio quality after the conversion process
  • Play converted Apple Music on any other devices offline

Part 2. Detailed Guidance to Remove DRM from Apple Music

Before we get started to convert Apple Music songs, you need to download and install the free trial version of DRmare Audio Converter on your computer. You could just touch on the "Download" button above to finish the installation. In addition, you should make sure that you had downloaded Apple Music files and the songs you want to convert could be played well on your computer.

Step 1Load Apple Music to DRmare software
add apple music files to drmare music converter
Please double click the DRmare program icon on the desktop of your computer to launch it. Then you will see the main interface of the program. To import Apple Music files to the program, you could drag and drop the songs you want to convert to the program main interface directly. Or you could click the "Add Files" button at the bottom left of the program to add Apple Music. In the pop-up window, you will see all the songs you downloaded from Apple Music and you could select the songs from it and add to the program interface. Once added the songs, the DRmare program will load them for you automatically.
Step 2Choose audio format for Apple Music songs
set output audio format for apple music songs
launch the setting mode by touching on the "audio" icon at the bottom right of the main interface. Then you could select an output audio format for your Apple Music from the list. Besides, you could personalize the Apple Music, like changing the sample rate, channel, bit rate and other parameters as you like. And then please remember to click "OK" to save your settings.
Step 3Convert and keep Apple Music files
remove drm from apple music for rekordbox
Once all the settings are ready, then you could move on to click the "Convert" button to begin the conversion. Just wait for it until the conversion process finishes. After that, all the Apple Music files are converted and stored on your computer. You can touch the "Converted" button to locate and check the converted files. And then you could import the Apple Music to Rekordbox for offline playing and mixing.
Video TutorialImport Apple Music Playlist to Rekordbox

Part 3. In Conclusion

In this post, you have learned the way on how to use Rekordbox to play Apple Music. With the help of DRmare Audio Converter, you can easily get rid of DRM from Apple Music songs and make it play on Rekordbox. And you will find that the DRmare program is easy to use after the trial. What's more, it not only can convert Apple Music, but also can convert iTunes Music and Audible Audiobooks for you.

If you still have any issue want to ask for help, please be free to let us know by writing down at the comment area and we will help you out.

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