DRmare Apple Music Converter

An audio converter to convert Apple Music, iTunes songs, Audible audiobooks and any audio file

  • Support to convert Apple Music, Audible audiobooks, and more audio files
  • Batch convert audio files in a fast speed with original quality kept
  • Output audio tracks to plain audio formats, like MP3, AAC, WAV, etc.
  • Allow to edit the pitch, volume, speed, ID3 tags for Audible audiobooks

How to Use Apple Music with FL Studio

To become a highly successful DJ or music producer, you need to have the right music-making software onboard. FL Studio is a leading commercial audio editing and music-making software. It is a preferred music editing software by professional music artists and DJs who wish to create an awesome playlist.

FL Studio is one of the most famous and advanced music production software. For Windows users, the software is both a virtual band and a music studio. Being a complete workstation, it supports all sorts of music file formats except for MP4 files. MP4 files are Apple Music files.

If you want to mix the Apple Music with FL Studio, you first need to convert them into an FL Studio compatible format. The article will give you a thorough understanding of how to convert Apple Music for FL Studio. Let's find it out.

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apple music with fl studio

Part 1. FL Studio: More You Need to Know

What Is FL Studio?

FL Studio, a digital audio workstation, which is developed by the Belgian company Image-Line. It offers a complete music production environment making it the best DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) in the market. The graphical user interface of the software combined with the pattern-based music sequencer makes it a one-stop solution for composing, arranging, recording, editing, and mixing audios. Image-Line embedded its own virtual instruments and audio applications to add to your music.

The software is available for both Windows and Mac OS and offers lifetime free updates with a one-time purchase. There are a lot of FL Studio available including Fruity Edition, Producer Edition, Signature Bundle, and All Plug-in Bundle. You can choose a bundle depending on what type of music files you want to create.

What Audio Formats Supported by FL Studio?

FL Studio supports a wide range of audio formats including MIDI, WAV, OGG, AIFF, MP3, FLAC, DWP, and Beat Creator Groove. However, it does not support the MP4 audio format. And Apple Music is encrypted in MP4 format. So, to add Apple Music into FL Studio, you need to first convert them into a more suitable format for FL Studio.

Part 2. How to Get Apple Music for FL Studio - Best Tool

As FL Studio does not support MP4 format, you can use DRmare Apple Music Converter to easily convert Apple Music to FL Studio supportive format. Using the decryption technology, this software can easily remove the protection from Apple Music. Besides, decoding the decrypted files the software also works with unprotected files in case you want to change the format of your audio files before mixing.

With this tool, you can personalize your output format, split audio files into small segments and most importantly you can also edit the ID3 tags of the albums and playlists. The speed of the software also makes it a preferred option by many users. With DRmare, you will get quality and speed in a single place.

Features of DRmare Apple Music Converter

The unlimited features within DRmare make it more appealing for the users. Here are some dominant features you can enjoy while using the smart converter.

1. Lossless Quality

The software keeps the original quality of Apple Music audio files intact during the conversion. You get high-quality audio files containing all the effects of the original track.

2. Friendly User Interface

Even with all those advanced features, the software is simple and convenient. The straightforward interface makes it easy for beginners as well.

3. Customization Option Available

It allows users to customize the output parameters of the audio files. You can adjust the bit rate, channel, codec, or modify the ID3 tag information at your convenience.

audio converter

DRmare Apple Music Converter

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  • Convert Apple Music to other FL Studio supported formats
  • Keep downloading Apple Music at the speed of 30X losslessly
  • Support to adjust the output formats settings of Apple Music for FL Studio
  • Preserve all the metadata of Apple Music for further use

Part 3. How to Convert and Use Apple Music with FL Studio

With the help of DRmare Apple Music Converter, you can easily get Apple Music with FL Studio. Now, let's see how to use this tool to convert Apple Music for FL Studio. Just install the software and launch the software on your PC. Once the main interface appears on your screen, follow the given steps to convert Apple Music to MP3 format supported by FL Studio.

Step 1Import protected Apple Music audio files into DRmare
add apple music files to drmare
The converter supports both protected and unprotected audio files and there are two 'add audio files' options on its main interface. As you are converting encrypted MP4 Apple Music, click on the first 'add music' button at the bottom left corner. Note: If you want to convert unprotected audio files, choose the second button in the bottom left corner.
Step 2Customize output format of Apple Music for FL Studio
personalize format setting of apple music for fl studio
Before you start the conversion process, the software allows you to customize the output format of Apple Music to fit the usage on FL Studio or other devices and platforms according to your specifications.
Click on the 'Format' icon in the bottom right corner and choose the output format for your Apple Music audio. Besides, converting the MP4 Apple Music into MP3, you can also convert audios into WAV, FLAC, AAC, and more.
To further personalize the output format of your Apple Music audio files, go to the Edit icon in front of all the uploaded tracks. Here, you can adjust the codec, channel, and ID3 tags of the Apple Music audio files.
Step 3Start to convert Apple Music for FL Studio
convert the apple music for fl studio
After adjusting all your settings, all you need to do is click on the 'Convert' icon in the bottom right corner of the software. DRmare will start converting all your Apple Music files at a superfast speed. Even with incredible speed, the software maintains the high quality of your audio files. After the conversion, you can find the converted Apple Music files for FL Studio via the 'converted' icon. Then you can get them on your computer's folder.

How to Upload Apple Music into FL Studio

After you have converted all your favorite Apple Music to FL Studio supported files, now bringing them into the track on FL Studio is no big deal. Follow these steps and you will be able to include Apple Music into FL Studio.

Step 1. Open FL Studio and click on the channel rack button from the toolbar. Click on the "+" icon and choose the "Audio Clip" option from the rundown menu.

add apple music to fl studio

Step 2. Then click on the "Audio Clip" option and choose the folder icon to upload the Apple Music audio files from your system.

put folder of apple music into fl studio

Step 3. After uploading the converted Apple Music audio files from the destination folder, drag them to the track on the desired track. Place it on the track where you want to play the song. Now, you can easily use Apple Music with FL Studio.

use apple music with fl studio

Part 4. Conclusion

Audio mixing is an important feature of the FL Studio. DJs and music producers use the high-quality audio editing tools within the software to DJ with Apple Music and create mesmerizing melodies. But having a song in MP4 format can be a real setback in creating new tunes. But with the availability of DRmare Apple Music Converter, you can easily and quickly convert Apple Music into a format supported by FL Studio. After then, you can use Apple Music with FL Studio without any limit.

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