How to Import Songs from Apple Music to GarageBand

"I want to record a special version of a song from Apple Music in GarageBand, but It seems I can't import the M4P file from iTunes. Do you have any ideas to fix it?" - Question from the Apple community.

It is not a surprise that you can't connect Apple Music in GarageBand. Many users have encountered similar issues when they try to play or edit DRM music files on third-party software. Please just take it easy and follow this tutorial to learn more about GarageBand and the solution.

import apple music to garageband

Part 1. What Is GarageBand

GarageBand is a line of digital audio workstations for creating music or podcast on Apple devices. It comes as part of the iLife software suite on Mac. For iPhone, iPad, iPod, users can download the GarageBand for iOS for free.

It has the features of audio recording, virtual software, guitar features, MIDI editing, music lessons.The best part of GarageBand is that it comes with a lot of pre-made MIDI keyboards, loops, a serial of instrumental effects. You can mix multiples audio effects songs easily with different formats such as MP3, M4A, AAC, WAV, CAF, AIFF and so on. No matter if you have the instrument or not, you won't encounter any problem of creating and sharing astonishingly human-sounding tracks.

Part 2. Remove DRM from M4P Files for Using on GarageBand

If you are an Apple fan, you should definitely give the GarageBand a try. It is easy to learn, play, record your hits like a pro especially with the Touch Bar features of Macbook Pro. And the shape-shifting controls make it easy for you to tweak the sounds.

But if you are going to add Apple Music songs to GarageBand, you should get rid of the DRM protection first. Else the DRM prevents you from importing or copying the files elsewhere except the Apple players.

DRmare DRM Apple Music Converter for Mac/Windows is special for removing DRM from most encrypted files such as Audible audiobooks, Apple Music and so on. Take apple music for example, it will convert the original M4P to MP3 or any other common formats. After that, you can use the MP3 for any purposes as you want.

Best Apple Music Converter You Can't Miss

drmare apple music converter
  • Easy to use interface, batch convert your audio files automatically
  • Support multiple output format MP3, AAC, M4A, M4B and customization options
  • Work at up to 30X faster speed with zero quality lose
  • Archive your music by albums or artists, keep everything organized

Now let me show you how does it work to turn Apple Music to MP3 before using on GarageBand.

Step 1Import downloaded Apple Music M4P songs
import apple music tracks
To convert the Apple Music, you need to download and authorized them to your iTunes library first. Then you can click "Add Files" button or drag & drop the M4P music files from iTunes to DRmare.
Step 2Choose a common audio format
set output format
Because GarageBand supports many formats of audio files. Usually you just need to choose a format in the support list. Here I'd highly recommend you to keep the default MP3 format. If you want to make your songs more personalized, you can also set the other parameters such as Codec, Channel, Sample Rate, Bit Rate.
Step 3Start converting Apple Music
remove drm and convert apple music
You can select the output folder and click the "Convert" button from the bottom right. Within 1 click, all the songs you imported will be converted quickly. Please make sure you don't connect any external speakers or other devices. Else it may affect the software from converting.

Part 3. Add Songs to GarageBand on Apple Devices

After removing the DRM protection, you can feel free to use the converted MP3 Apple Music anywhere including GarageBand.

With the iCloud support, it is possible to start a song on GarageBand from one Apple device and continue to edit it from another one. For example, you can start sketching your song on your iPhone and then continue to edit it on your Mac when you are home. Following are the quick tips on how to import audio files to GarageBand.

Macbook or Mac Desktop

import song to garageband mac

1. Launch GarageBand on Mac, you will see the main screen.

2. From the top right corner, please click the "Media Browser" button, it will show you a list of sources where you can import music files such as iTunes, local computer folder and so on.

3. Click local computer folder option and then import and cut the converted MP3 songs to GarageBand.

iOS Devices

import music garageband-ios

Similarly, you can import songs to your iPhone, iPad like Mac computers, but you have to sync the music files from iTunes to the iOS devices first.

1. Import the MP3 audio files to iTunes and turn on the option of "iCloud Music Library" by clicking "Edit" > "Preferences". Then the songs can be accessed from any Apple devices.

2. Launch GarageBand, click the "Loop Browser" icon, it will should you the songs which are available to import. Just pick up the one you like to import.

That is all. Hope you enjoy creating hit songs on GarageBand. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave your comments below.

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