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How to Solve Spotify Slow Streaming on Mac PC

"I have been using Spotify for a few weeks. It works smoothly usually but sometimes it is so slow when I try to navigate, search and stream songs online. What is worse Spotify is not responding too. Anyone else has encountered the similar issue?" - Question from Reddit.

Spotify slow streaming is not a new issue. Many users has complained it from Spotify community. As a result, Spotify released the Spotify Lite version for slow iPhone and Android phones.

However, there is not a lite version for the desktop computers Mac and Windows. If you are still haunted by the Spotify laggy streaming issue, please just read on to find the best solutions here.

spotify slow streaming

Part 1. Why Spotify Is So Slow on Your Mac Computer

Spotify slow streaming is caused by many factors.

The first reason you can think of is slow internet connection or not stable connection. As an online streaming music, Spotify is combined with DRM protection. Whenever you listen to songs, Spotify need to stream the songs from its server online directly. Even if you download Spotify music offline with the premium membership, Spotify needs to verify you are a legal subscribed user.

Second this can be caused by Spotify cache files. Spotify use the cache file to avoid keep downloading data from its server directly. However, if you have used Spotify for a long time, there maybe some errors on the cache.

Finally, if your device is lacking of memory or storage, your downloading maybe stuck there.

Part 2. General Ways to Fix Slow Spotify Streaming

Reset your network connection

Sometimes even if you have a fast internet connection, it could be idled sometimes. So you can preset the "reset" button on your router to reset the Wifi network. Also, you can switch the Wifi connection to a wire VLAN connection.

Clear Spotify cache

If you are using a Windows PC, you can follow steps to remove Spotify folder:

  • Step 1. If Spotify is open, you can close it first.
  • Step 2. Open the Windows Explorer.
  • Step 3. Go to the following path by copying & pasting it to the address bar:

    “C:\Users\[Your User Name]\AppData\Local\Spotify\”

  • Step 4. On the opened window, you can delete the storage, data and browser folder.

For Mac computers, you can delete the contents from the following Spotify folder directly:

"/Users/[Your User Name]/Library/Caches/com.spotify.client/Storage/"

Reinstall Spotify desktop client app

If you don't want to manually locate and delete the cache files, another best alternative solution is to remove Spotify and reinstall the latest Spotify app. It will not only reset everything to fresh but also fix any possible bugs of downloading and listening to Spotify music.

Free your memory and storage

If you are running too many programs on the background, they will occupy your memory. You can try to stop the other apps. If your local drive is running out of space, please delete some useless files or move some of them to your external hard drive.

Try to use the Spotify Web Player

With Spotify Web Player, you don't need to download or install any extra app, just run the browser and directly login your Spotify account to stream music online. This will surely runs faster.

Part 3. Ultimate Way to Solve Spotify Buffering Issue on Mac

Unlike local songs which you will never encounter the slow streaming issue, sometimes even if you have fast internet connection, powerful hardware, you will still likely to have the Spotify streaming laggy issue.

This will affect your listening experience.

If you'd like to enjoy Spotify music smoothly without buffering, why not download Spotify to MP3 local songs?

Many users don't even it is possible to do that because Spotify don't officially offer such an option. But that is very easy, you just need to use a best DRmare Music Downloader for Windows/Mac.

Then you just need a few clicks to extract any songs, playlists, albums from Spotify in batch. The converted MP3 songs will be with 100% original quality.

Note: DRmare Music Converter is only for personal use, so please don't try to sell the converted songs for making money.

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Now you can follow the steps to solve the Spotify slow streaming issue.

Step 1Import Spotify music
load spotify music tracks
You can drag & drop the Spotify song, playlist or album to the DRmare software easily.
Step 2Choose new output format
select a new format
You can click the format icon and then choose a new output format for the downloaded Spotify songs. Here I'd choose MP3 which is a universal format works well any Android, Windows, Mac and iOS devices.
Step 3Batch convert songs
download spotify songs offline
Just click "Convert" button and wait a few minutes, your songs will be downloaded offline. When it is done, you don't need to worry about the Spotify laggy streaming issue anymore.
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