Apple Music Ripper - How to Rip Apple Music from iTunes Losslessly

"I am a DJ. I used to buy music CDs and rip them to MP3 with a DVD Ripper. I found it is so expensive to buy multiple CDs. Is there a similar way to rip Apple Music directly to MP3? Have searched online for a while but still didn't find a right tool for this. Please help." - Question from Reddit

Apple Music is one of the best streaming music services in the market just like Google Play Music, Spotify, Amazon Unlimited Music. It was launched late compared to other platforms. But with its large fanbase as well as its great features, Apple Music has become the most beloved source in the USA. Its music quality is at 256Kbps which is lower than the mainstream 320Kbps. But it doesn't mean the quality is not good. Actually it is better than Spotify by comparison because the songs are encoded in AAC codec, making it sound much more natural and crystal clear than most formats with the same bit rate.

The common shortage is that Apple Music comes with the notorious DRM protection. Usually you can't get the most out of it. If you'd like to play Apple Music on your DJ or use it for any other purposes, you can follow this tips to rip Apple Music to MP3 first.

ripd apple music

Part 2. What Tool Do You Need to Rip Apple Music

If you enjoy digital media files, chances are that you have used many kinds of converters or rippers. All of them mainly use two different technologies: recording and cracking.

Apple Music Streaming Recorder

For the recording method, usually a free streaming audio recorder will help. But if you want to get a more user-friendly interface and higher output quality, you can take a look at the iSkysoft iMusic.

iSkysoft company has been focus on digital media software for more than 10 years and its product category covers video converter, video editor, PDF converter, mobile manager software and so on.

This iSkysoft iMusic offers an intuitive way to download the streaming songs you like in a legal way. But it takes real time to rip Apple Music songs. If you have thousands of songs to download, it could take you weeks or months to finish them. So it may not work for everyone.

Best Apple Music Ripper

The cracking method seems to be the most effective way. Because it requires advanced technology, not all companies have mastered this technology yet. Among them, DRmare is the leader. You should definitely give the DRmare Apple Music Downloader a try. It is well known as a best Apple Music Ripper, but also a great iTunes Music Ripper. You can get rid of DRM protection and rip apple music, iTunes audiobooks, Audible audiobooks and much more to new formats WAV, AAC, M4B, M4A, MP3, FLAC, etc. losslessly at 30X speed.

One of the caveat is that Apple officially don't allow users to remove DRM from its digital media files. So please don't use the software for public such as selling the converted songs for making money. Anyway, it is totally legal as long as you use it for personal at home.

DRmare Apple Music Downloader

drmare apple music ripper
  • Remove Apple Music DRM protection losslessly without affecting the audio quality
  • Download Apple Music to your PC for offline listening or any other purposes you want
  • Batch converting technology with up to 30X faster speed
  • Lifetime free update, support the latest Windows 10/8/7 and Mac Mojave 10.14

Part 2. Steps to Download Apple Music to Your PC

Another advantage why so many users love Apple Music is that it offers 3 months free trial. This is a really generous offer. If you haven't tried it yet, you can start to sign up to try it out immediately for free.

And before it is ended, you can follow these tips to use the best Apple Music ripper to save all the songs offline without paying for the subscription.

Step 1Import DRM songs from iTunes
import apple music m4p songs
Before starting, please prepare your iTunes songs and Apple Music on your iTunes library first. You can save all the M4P songs to your computer offline and you can generate playlists on iTunes. Then you can launch the DRmare software and click the "Add Files" buttons to browse the files from iTunes or computer to import. Or you can simply drag and drop the songs from iTunes to DRmare software. There is not a limitation on the quality of the songs, you can import as many as you want.
Note: To make sure your iTunes media files are recognized well by DRmare, please make sure the option "Share iTunes XML file with third party software" is enabled.
Step 2Adjust the output format as MP3
choose mp3 format
Apple Music is encoded in AAC codec with M4P format. So please choose a new format without DRM encryption. If you want lossless quality, you can choose WAV or FLAC. Here I will highly recommend MP3 because it has high quality and great compatibility. You won't have any problem to play MP3 on your DJ software or any other players.
Step 3Rip Apple Music M4P to MP3
rip apple music to mp3
Everything are ready? If so, please just click the "Convert" button, all of the songs will be queued to convert one by one. As the fastest music converter in the world, it will convert songs especially quickly. But if you have thousands of songs, it is sure to take a long time. Just leave the computer on, DRmare software will do the task for you automatically. You can also schedule the software to shut down after converting.

Part 3. Final Thoughts

Streaming music is cheap which costs only $9.95/month, but it is only available to use on the specific players. Instead of buying the songs you want from CDs or iTunes store, you can rip Apple Music losslessly by using DRmare Apple Music Downloader. It is fast and will save you a lot of money. The downloaded songs will be exactly the same as the ones from iTunes store. So you use them anywhere.

One thing I'd like to stress again is that DRmare software is only for personal use, so please don't have it for any commercial use.

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