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Top 10 Best Rap Playlist on Apple Music [2020 Updated]

Are you a rap and hip-hop music addict? If so, then you come to the right place. Today, we will take Apple Music as an example. Apple Music has lots of great hip-hop and rap music for users to listen to.

In this post, we will list top 10 best rap playlist on Apple Music for you. You could just check them out here and learn more about them. Besides, you will get a powerful tool. It will help you save those Apple Music rap playlist for listening offline forever. Now let's move on.

Top 1. The Pharmacy

This awesome hip hop playlist is curated by Dr. Dre. If you are a die-hard hip-hop lover, then you know Dr. Dre. He is one of the most influential individuals in the history of the genre. This should tell why the pharmacy is one of the best hip hop playlist on apple music.

One cool thing about the pharmacy playlist is that it is updated regularly. Dr. Dre has a popular Beats 1 radio show that you can catch on Apple Music. But, if you don't, then you should be thankful that he lives behind this playlist. The playlist covers songs across generations of artists. It deeps and brings all the best of hip-hop that you can ask for.

Top 2. OVO Sound Playlist

This is another best Apple Music rap playlist. It is curated by Drake. The playlist contains some of the popular hip-hop tracks and some great new songs. You will be delighted to hear. The playlist is updated regularly. This makes it quite interesting to listen to every other day.

Top 3. It's Lit!!!

This is another best hip hop Apple Music playlist that you should listen to. The playlist is made up of 55 awesome hip-hop tracks. What makes this playlist so cool is that it is updated regularly.

Top 4. The A-List: Hip-Hop

This is one of the best Apple Music rap playlist. It has 55 great songs that are worth your time. The playlist is updated each week. Usually, the Apple editors take time to listen to some of the hottest hip hop tracks. And then they select the best 55 for you.

If you love listening to the hottest hip-hop tracks, then this is the best rap Apple Music playlist for you. Remember all the songs on the playlist are an A material, nothing less. This makes it quite something.

Top 5. '90s Hip-Hop vs. Early '00s Hip-Hop

This is the other best rap playlist on Apple Music that you should listen to. As the name suggests, this playlist is made up of amazing tunes that will give you a good mood to start your day. If you want to listen to music from great bands and artists in the morning, then this is the perfect playlist for you.

Top 6. Old School BBQ

This is one of the best rap playlists on Apple Music. It is for people who love listening to some great hip-hop tracks from yesteryears. This amazing Apple Music rap playlist has all your favorite tunes. If you like the hottest acts from the past few decades, then you will love this best hip hop DJ mixes on Apple Music.

Top 7. Mellow Bars

This is an awesome rap playlist on Apple Music. It contains some 81 smooth tracks that will cool you down. It covers a wide range of artists to bring you all the best in the hip-hop music world. If you love acts such as Kendrick Lamar, etc., then this playlist quite awesome to listen to.

Top 8. Turnt Up

This is a great Apple Music rap playlist that you should listen to quite often. It contains about 261 amazing songs that you will love listening to. Its music selection cuts across generations. The large number of tracks also make the playlist quite great for listening.

Top 9. Hip Hop R&B Nation

This is another great Apple Music hip hop playlist that you should listen to. The playlist is made up of 61 awesome hip-hop tracks. It contains amazing tracks from the likes of Lil Uzi Vert, etc. in the hip-hop world. All the tracks on the playlist are carefully chosen for their great preferences.

Top 10. Rap/Hip-Hop Bangers

This is one of my favorite rap playlists on Apple Music. The playlist is curated by Nicky Vesely. He carefully selects some of the hottest hip-hop songs on Apple Music. The playlist has a total 296 songs for you to listen to over and over again.

The playlist is updated regularly, a fact that keeps it fresh at all times. It has all your favorite rap songs from artists such as Big Sean, Bryson Tiller, etc.

Exta Tip: Get the Best Rap Playlist on Apple Music Offline

These Apple Music rap playlist are great for DJ lovers. If you are going to have a party, you can play the songs on your iDevices or your computers with iTunes. But because Apple Music is encrypted with DRM, you can't move Apple Music M4P files to other devices.

In this case, if you really want to solve it, here is an alternative solution. DRmare Audio Converter is one terrific software for deleting DRM from Apple Music. You can get the job done on your computer with ease. Can't wait to see how it works? Why not download and try it out by yourself?

drmare audio converter

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