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Top 10 Best Apple Music Playlists of All Time

With over 50 million songs, apple music gives you an endless list of songs to listen to. The problem with this is that you sometimes can get lost and virtually be unable to choose which songs to listen to. To help you be able to listen to great songs without undergoing the headache of trying to choose the individual songs to listen to, apple music has a number of great playlists that have carefully selected songs just for you. Below are some of the best apple music playlists that you will ever here:

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Top 1. It's Electric

This is an amazing apple music playlist that you should listen if you love rock music. The curator of this playlist, Lars Ulrich has been a drummer for Metallica for a very long time. This gives him a deep understanding of the rock music world and hence the best selection of songs on the playlist. The apple music playlist is updated regularly with music from both today and yesteryears. This makes it perfect to listen to because new tracks are added every now and then and some old once taken off. These keep the playlist fresh at all times.

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Top 2. One Mix

This is one of apple music best playlists. It is curated by some of the biggest names in the electronica dance music world just for apple music subscribers. The playlist is made up of great dance songs from artists such as Louis the Child, Marshmellow, Allison Wonderland and Moby among others. If you love partying then this is your ideal party playlist. It has great songs that will get you and your friends in a party mood especially when listened to on an external speaker in your home.

Top 3. The Pharmacy

Dr. Dre's the Pharmacy is one of the top apple music playlists for hip-hop lovers from across the world. Dr. Dre is one of the most influential figures in the hip-hop world, thanks mostly to his ability to spot top talent when everyone else was not even aware of such talents. And now he brings the same ability to apple music by curating one of best hip-hop playlists on the platform. The playlist is updated regularly and contains amazing song picks from hip-hop greats such as Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, and Jay Z among others. In addition, there are also amazing tracks from new talents such as the creator and Tyler among others. If you love hip hop you will love this playlist.

Top 4. Julie Adenuga's Playlist

As the name suggests, this apple music playlist is curated by Julie Adenuga. This is one of the best playlists on Apple music. Adenuga is an influential figure in the British music scene and brings the world feel to apple music. Her playlist picks some of the best dance songs from across the world not just Britain and thus making the playlist so unique and fresh for many listeners. If you want to listen to great songs from all corners of the world, then this the best apple music playlist you should listen to. The songs are carefully picked to bring out the rich musical culture from all the spheres of the world.

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Top 5. Waking Up: A Morning Mix

This is another great apple music curated playlists that you should listen to. As the name suggests this playlist is made up of amazing tunes that will put a smile on your face and get you in the right mood to start your day. If you want to listen to music from great bands and artists such as Vampire Weekend, Curtis Mayfield and Talking Heads among others in the morning then this is the perfect playlist for you.

Top 6. Motivational Workout Songs

There are lots of good playlists on Apple music, but motivational Workout songs playlist is not one of them. Instead, it is among the great playlists on Apple music. If you are a runner and enjoy running while listening to some upbeat workout tunes, then this playlist is for you. The same applies to when you regularly engage in other forms of workout that could do with some great tunes playing in the background. This playlist is made up of great songs such as ‘lose yourself by Eminem and Survivor's the eye of the tiger among others. The songs on the playlist will keep you working out for longer.

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Top 7. Rocket Hour

This is one of the amazingly good apple music playlists. It is curated and regularly updated by the award-winning music legend Sir Elton John for Beats 1 fans. The playlist is made up of great pop and dance songs from across the generations. The playlist thus brings about a variety of tastes for everyone to enjoy. It is made up of songs from the likes of the Balze, Beyonce, Childish Gambino, Let Zeppelin, and Kacey Musgraves among others. If you love to go on a wild music tour then you should listen to this playlist quite often.

Top 8. Best of the John Peel Sessions

This is an awesome playlist on apple music brought to you the great John Peel who has a long history in the music industry. DJ John Peel began hosting a radio show on the BBC in the late 1960s sometime in the mid-2000s. The music show inspired many musicians and often underground artists will record tracks specifically for the show. This playlist picks some of the best tracks of the songs that were recorded for the show. Here you will listen to some great tracks that are fresh with a historical twist.

Top 9. Best of the Week

This is one of the best playlists on Apple music. This playlist is updated weekly meaning that every time you listen to it you will get some new and fresh tracks that you have never heard before. This playlist was designed to help apple music subscribers discover new hits. For this reason, it is updated weekly with new hits from established artist such as Jennifer Lopez and well as new artists such as Kyle.

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Top 10. Weekend Worthy

This is an awesome electric playlist on apple music. It samples some of the best songs you can listen to on a weekend. If you decide to stay indoors on a Friday night then you will love listening to this playlist. This playlist is updated every Friday will great tunes that will help set the mood for your weekend. Even if you are planning to go out, the playlist has some great tunes you can listen to while you get ready for your weekend adventure.

Further Tips

What do you think about all these top playlists on Apple Music? Do you like to listen to them? If so, you can start the 3-month free trial if you haven't used it before. By the way, one key thing you need to note is that due to the DRM protection, you can't move Apple Music out of Apple‘s ecosystem. This means you can't play the playlists on MP3 players or Bluetooth speakers which don't have the ability to install apps online.

But please don't worry. If you do want to do that, there is an ideal way here by getting rid of DRM protection. DRmare Apple Music Converter is one of the most powerful tools to strip DRM from Apple Music within a few clicks. With the direct decryption technology, converting music has never been easier. Furthermore, you don't need to worry about the music quality. Everything is kept 100% as original. Can't wait to use it? You can simply download it here for free.

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