Top 5 Best Ways to Play Spotify Music in Your Car

Does music affect our mood while driving? The answer is a big yes. Especially when we are on a long trip, listening to music not only helps us get more fun but also concentrate better when driving. This will ultimately leads to safer driving. Hence, many users want to listen to music in car.

As the most popular streaming music service in the market, Spotify is the first choice for plenty of users. Today I will show you the feasible ways to play Spotify music in car. No matter what models of cars you have, old or new, you can find at least one way works perfectly for you.

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play spotify in car

Top 1. Play Spotify in Android Auto or Apple CarPlay

Android Auto and CarPlay are the mobile apps which enable users to mirror the features from mobile phones to car entertainment head unit. The difference is that Android Auto is designed by Google for Android phones with Lollipop or above systems while CarPlay is created by Apple for iPhone 5 and newer models with at least iOS 7.1. They support GPS navigation, maps, telephony, messaging and music apps such as Google Play Music, Spotify, Audible, iHeartRadio and much more. This should be the best way to stream Spotify in car. The only problem is that not all kinds of aftermarket car stereo are compatible with them.

Android Auto

Step 1. Launch your Android phone and log into the Spotify app.

Step 2. Connect your mobile phone to the car stereo system which is compatible with Android Auto.

Step 3. You can launch Spotify on your stereo to start playing directly.

Apple CarPlay

Step 1. Log into Spotify app on your iPhone.

Step 2. Connect the iPhone to a compatible car infotainment system via USB cable.

Step 3. Normally if Spotify is already playing, it will continue to play on the car. Else, you can simply open the Spotify app in the car stereo.

android auto/carplay

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Top 2. Connect Spotify to Car Radio via Aux-In Cable

Originally most audio devices such as MP3 players, mobile phones, portable speakers, car radio etc. all come with the Aux port, through which you can easily connect one audio source to play on another device. Until today, almost any car audio system still support the Aux line-in connection. To play Spotify in your car, you just need to link your phone first. Then the songs playing on your phone will be streamed from the car. Unfortunately as the development of the mobile phones, Aux port doesn't exist on more and more new mobile devices, so honestly it may not work for some users.

Listen to Spotify via Aux Cable

Step 1. Connect your mobile phone to the car radio by the Aux cable. One end to the phone and the other to the car.

Step 2. Start launching Spotify app playing the music from your phone.

aux cable

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Top 3. Stream Spotify Tracks through Bluetooth/FM Transmitter

Tired of connecting with so many cables? No worries. You can also connect your phone to your car via Bluetooth or FM Single. Unlike Wifi connection which requires you to have internet access to work. Bluetooth/FM Transmitter doesn't need this to work yet the power consumption it requires is low. Technically, you can connect any of your phones/tablets/computers with Bluetooth to the Car. For FM connection, you will have to use an FM Transmitter.


Step 1. Turn on the Bluetooth option on your Car head unit.

Step 2. Go to the Bluetooth section of your phone/tablet/computer and start searching the available device. Then you can select the car stereo to set up the connection.

Step 3. After that, you just need to launch Spotify on your device, the music will be mirrored to the car.

FM Transmitter

Step 1. Turn on the Spotify songs you'd like to listen to from your device.

Step 2. Plug in the FM Transmitter into the Aux port of your device, and you can adjust the FM single to one which is not used.

Step 3. Go to your car sound system to search the FM radio with the same frequency to receive the Spotify streams.

bluetooth fm transmitter

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Top 4. Play Spotify Songs in Car via USB Flash Drive

The 3 methods mentioned above all depend on an extra device to help you stream Spotify music in Car. Someone may ask is it possible download the Spotify music to the USB drive so that you can listen to it offline. Honestly, there is not an official way for this. This is because all Spotify track are DRM protected and you are required to subscribe to the Premium account before you can cache them for offline listening. You can't convert them to an universal format such as MP3 because Spotify will lose control of the music in that way.

Well, that is not a good experience. It makes not sense that we can't get the most out of the Spotify songs after subscribing to the Premium. To solve this trouble, you may use DRmare Spotify to MP3 Converter to help you download the songs legally. It is extremely easy and the quality is 100% kept. You just need to drag the Spotify music to the DRmare software, choose MP3 format and click "Convert', then you should download all the songs within a short time.

Play Spotify music in Car through USB

Step 1. Copy the converted MP3 files to the USB thumb drive.

Step 2. Insert the USB drive into the Car stereo system.

Step 3. Open one audio player and browse the converted Spotify files to play.

paly spotify music on usb flash drive

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Top 5. Listen to Spotify Music in Car Stereo CD Player

Similarly, Spotify officially don't allows users to burn CDs either. But you can also follow the same guide above to convert Spotify music to MP3, then import the MP3 files to iTunes library and burn the Spotify playlist to CD. Although CDs are not as popular as it is used be, it still plays a big important role for all music lovers. Most car GPS infotainment system still retain the feature to play CDs. Each CD has 700M space, please make sure the songs you want to burn are less than 700M, else you will have to burn more than one CD.

Car CD Player

Step 1. Burn the download Spotify MP3 files to CD in iTunes.

Step 2. Insert the CD into the Car CD system.

Step 3. Launch the audio player and start to play songs from the CD.

play spotify songs on cd

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Sum Up: Which Is the Best Way to Enjoy Spotify Songs in Car

That is all for it. Usually there is no big experience difference on listening music through these 5 ways. However, the effort/energy it takes are different because not all the car stereos support all the features we mentioned Android Auto, CarPlay, AUX, Bluetooth, CD, USB etc.

In my opinion, if you'd like to stream music through a phone, the ways to stream Spotify music in car via Android Auto, Aux, CarPlay, FM Transmitter should be good for you. Else if you like to play music offline, we'd highly recommend you to copy Spoitfy music to USB drive or burn a CD.

Do you have any more questions? Just comment below.

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